waste/set up film

Any waste/set up film is caged/baled and sent to a recycling plant within 10 miles of our factory where it is turn back into pellet form LDPE which can be used again to make products such as black bin liners/ builders sacks or back into carrier bags again.


waste ink

Any waste ink is sent for recycling back into other solvent based cleaning agents and products.


cardboard cores

The cardboard cores used to wind the film onto are also recycled back to the extrusion company for reuse time and time again.


cleaning wipes

Our cleaning wipes which are used to clean ink on ink changes and other parts of our machinery are sent back to be industrially washed and cleaned.


wipes after cleaning

Our cleaning wipes are returned back to us for further use.

Reclaim line where the waste material is turned back into pellet form.

This is an extrusion bubble where the recycled film is being re-blown.

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